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Never say dead! Even after faking his own death and skipping out of the Witness Protection Program, the FBI managed to find Nick Salvatoro, aka Nicky-Two-Fists. His old nemesis, Joe Gaetano, had fed the FBI information on how to con Nick into helping them build a case against a suspected crime boss.  Soon, Nick finds himself in a political snafu between the United States, Belize, India and Canada. None of the narcotic squads are doing their job, but all want the glory of bringing down the drug cartel’s kingpin. Forget the glory. Nick just wants to make it out alive.


            After my many requests for another adventure of Nicky-Two-Fists, Jodi Ceraldi has written another episode of the endurance and adversity of Nick Salvatoro. The Dealer takes Nick on a wild and reckless assignment around the world as he attempts to please the FBI and DEA, in his never ending attempt to change his life as a criminal and become the steadfast husband of Angela. Like Nicky-Two-Fists the novel has many twists, turns and excitement. A real page turner.

Stuart Jones

A Mafia operative and suspected hit man who ratted out the mob and was put in the witness protection plan is tracked down in Europe by the FBI and inadvertently drawn into a high stakes gave of intrigue. The reader is taken into dangerous and unusual circumstances and  the reader feels the risk from page to page.

William Young

The fascinating character, Nicky-Two-Fists, is once again challenged in this latest page turner by Jodi Ceraldi. The author’s honest, powerful knowledge builds reader suspense to her engaging story of the forbidden Mafia world

Marie Boling

Nicky-Two-Fists or Robert Anderson, this is the second book on the same character for this author. Nick is “Old School” and now he meets another world where he does not fit. His Mafia roots are at odds with the Feds, but this page turner makes us root for him in spite of his flaws. He lives by the adage, “it ain’t over til it’s over”and this book may be over to soon for Nick caught in a web not of his own design.


Ceraldi’s  The Dealer continues the Mafia mob saga Nicky-Two-Fists but stands on its own tale. Dialogue enhances Nick Salvatoro’s first person narrative, drawing the reader into his world of intrigue in a fast paced fictional realm that borders on a believable true story.  One finds oneself rooting for the storyteller despite his shady past. The story begins in Italy and continues around the world. Reach for this story if  you want an easy read that keeps your attention, includes a bit of romance, and gives a peek into the mob world.

Mary Ellen Johnson

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