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After years of tolerating physical and verbal abuse, Nina discovers all too late that her low-level mobster husband, Vito DiGregetti, has plans to initiate their oldest son into the Mafia. In an effort to stop him, she gets a divorce before realizing how much power Vito wields.When Vito ruins any chance Nina has of getting a legitimate job and begins threatening her life, she turns to the mob boss for protection and finds herself sucked into a Mafia-backed career.Nina must now balance her need to put food on the table, while trying to hide the true nature of her employment from her family. She attempts to grow a legitimate and profitable business from the mobster based job she was first given. In the end, Nina finds out who she is and what is really important in life-and, inadvertently, she redesigns the way the Mafia does business.


"Excellent and easy to read. One of those books you didn't want to put down until it was finished. looking forward to her next book.

Sheila Baugh, Charlotte, NC

" A good read. Held my interest right up to the last page

Larry G Wallace, Atlanta, GA

"it was interesting because it showed that you are never stuck in a life situation. I liked the book. It was interesting to see how she got even and overcame the mob and lived a life as outside of the mob as she could get.


"I have always enjoyed stories about the mob and this one did not disappoint me. Very good, hard to put down once I started reading it. Nina was a very strong lady and I found myself imagining this is the way things were for her."

Kathy Gisi

"The Dialog in this book was easy to understand but very compelling. Everyone is very interested in what really goes on in the 'mob' household. The Characters seemed like real people who were caught up in a very unusual and interesting lifestyle

J. Hrubauak, Powder Springs, GA

"I'm not one for mob stories, but I did enjoy the movie Goodfellas, and the description of this book reminded me of it, so I gave it a try. Wow, this booked pulled me in from beginning to end and was informative, entertaining and suspenseful. Loved the characters and would enjoy a sequel. Well done!"


 "This Author was able to show a side of organized crime often not told. The Main Charicters shows an admirable strength and shows what lengths a mother will go in order to protect her family. This was an excellent book and I would recommend it. I've already ordred her next novel.

Krysta Carter

"Easy to read and follow. Flashbacks effectively used to develop context and history. The book fully lives up to the product description and well worth the time to read"

Donald C Arndt

"I got this book for free through Amazon but I would have paid for it, it was really a good read!! She does a nice job with the characters and the plot. Although it is a true story, it is still a story, meaning it flows nicely and you don't get the feeling of a documentary or a recount of facts. I wish there was a part 2."

Mrs, Nicole

"I took a chance on this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story line kept me questioning what was happening next. I'm of Italian decent so this book intrigued me."

J. Hammond

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