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Nicky-Two-Fists is a light-hearted saga of two friends who grew up on the streets of Hoboken, learning more about gangsters than history and math.  As teenageers, Nick often had to stand up for his bumptious pal, Joe. After high school they each made a choice.  Joe entered the police adademy. Nick, an Italian kid, kicked ass, like his street name, and hung around the Jersey street corners. A twist of fate gets the mobs attention and leads Nick into dealing back-room poker games. Years later, Nick's ordered to whack a guy, and Nick and Joe's paths cross again.  A chase ensues from New Jersey to Miami.  The outcome could bring respect to Joe and prison for Nick...or the end of Joes career and a life of freedom for Nick. 


The first paragraph of, “Nicky Two Fists" grabbed my attention and held it. The author has a talent of weaving expectation into the plot that holds the reader's confidence and trust. There is a proper mix of action and reflection leaving the reader with a feeling of wanting more.—

Anita Bergen, bestselling author of "Life and Other Options"

Murder, mayhem, love, romance, and life’s struggles. . . . Nicky-Two-Fists delves into an underworld mob conspiracy that interrupts the good life Nick Salvatoro has become accustomed to. Can Nick change his life and survive outside the mob or is he destined to run forever? Find out in the latest novel by Jodi Ceraldi.—Teresia Mayne, Retired Office Manager and Editor.

Poor Nicky finds himself caught between his innocent form of justice and the heavy mire of crime. Jodi Ceraldi has brought to life a true oxymoron, Nicky--the good criminal. He is level headed, a cop’s best friend and a jokester. Ms. Ceraldi captures her characters with rare writing talent. I am anxious to know what happens next.—Maria Boiling. Creative Writing Course Instructor, Columnist, Author “Write Your Life Story.

The dialogue is spot-on, the story fast-paced, the plot intriguing, and the characters delightful. Crime and mob readers will love Nicky-Two-Fists.—Tony Gerillo, PAC Reviews

Jodi Ceraldi's second foray into mafioso territory, Nicky-Two-Fists, follows the adventures of Nick Salvatoro. The rich detail in the plot contributes to the page-turner effect. His relationship with Joe, a childhood friend, now a policeman, is slightly reminiscent of the James Cagney gangster movie, Angels with Dirty Faces.—Harris Green, author of Chinaberry Summer: 

Nicky-Two-Fists is a fast paced and fun read that follows the later lives of two childhood friends, who grew up breaking the law and chasing girls in an Italian neighborhood in Jersey. Nick and Joe are now adults leading very different lives. Nick is a bad guy with a heart of gold that readers will find themselves rooting for. I was scheming right along with Nick as he tries to escape the boring witness protection program and get back to a more profitable and exciting life of gambling and hot women. Although he fears former mob associates are hot on his tail that's not his only problem. Joe, now a homicide detective in Hoboken, N.J. is trying to solve a murder and feels certain his old pal Nicky-Two-Fists is the culprit. Pages fly fast as the gap between the two narrows.—Gray Bridges, Literary Chair, Harris Arts Center, Calhoun, GA.

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