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The modest Mississippi towns where Becky and David Martin grew up offered little opportunity for the young married couple so they drove east through Atlanta to the Atlantic Ocean.  Just north of Charleston, S.C.  they rent a beach apartment in Merrick, a small honey-tongued community with more closely guarded  secrets than the self-restrained area they left.  They save to make a down payment on an airplane that David can use for transportation to work in other countries.  Making higher wages, they salt away funds to build their dream home.  When their goal is close  to being fulfilled, they decide it’s time to raise a family. However, fate seems to have a different plan for them.  David’s plane crashes in the Bermuda Triangle and his body is never recovered.  Becky is left alone.  Government agencies keep her worried, and the town buzzes about David’s possible secret life.  Becky is concernd when she realizes how little she knows about her husband’s family. She teeters on the edge of giving up hope for his return, but she cannot let go of her belief that he is still out there somewhere.


Great plot with plenty of twists. I learned a lot about how someone with good intentions can get caught up in criminal activity. I'm looking forward to reading more of Jodi Ceraldi's books.


Yes, the plot is twisted, chaotic and sometime meandering but it’s a great story. Centered on the lives in a small South Carolina town in the 1970s, this book will Keep you guessing right to the end.

David R Altman

Wow! Your first two books were great , but Cessna Down is the best of the bunch. Average people trying to lead good lives and getting caught up in difficult situations. The people are real, often making bad decisions for good reasons and not the paper cut outs found in so many books. Thanks for the ride, I enjoyed it from beginning to end

Stuart Jones

I have read and enjoyed all of Jodi's books. Jodi did a great job developing the characters and twists which made this one hard to put down. As you neared the end of the book, you had a feeling that there was one more twist and there was. The last twist brought all the twists and turns together.

Herman M Lingo

I have read all of Jodi's book but this book is the very best of them all. Could not put it down until I finished reading.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Cessna Down. After many surprising plot twists, Jodi ties it all together in the end. It was quite a page-turner and I couldn't wait to read it to the end to find out what happened. Good job!

Carol Moore

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