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After many requests for another adventure of Nicky-Two-Fists, 
Jodi Ceraldi has written another episode of the endurance and adversity of Nick Salvatoro, entitled, The Dealer Agent. This second wild and reckless assignment takes Nick Salvatoro around the world as he attempts to please the FBI and DEA, in his never ending attempt to change his life as a criminal and become the steadfast husband of Angela.

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Jodi Ceraldi capturers the essence of Mafia life, not just from the mob perspective, but from the reality of the everyday life that American Mafia families, -- mob wives and mob children endure. During the 1970's, Jodi lived in Hollywood, Florida. She now lives in the Appalachian foot hills, in northern Georgia.

     Jodi's fictional novels are based on real experiences about ordinary people who unwittingly or intentionally become involved in criminal actions. Her novels spring to life by her detailed characters exposing observations you may not have been aware of in other corrupt tales. A lifetime working for large corporations and a seventeen-year marriage to a person loosely connected to organized crime contributes substance and mystique to her books. These situations are not only debilitating to the person involved, but to their family and friends. She strives to promote awareness to the uninformed and hope for the families of those who break the law.

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